Roofing Repair & Installation Experts

“There's nothing more important than a roof over your head.”

Are your hardwood floors or carpet being ruined by that small leak in your roof? Is there a section of your drywall ceiling that's sagging due to water damage? Call Trig Builders today and we can perform a full inspection and repair to your existing roof, matching your shingle or tile style for a seamless repair. We also offer roofing upgrades, smart roofs that can insulate your house and save you money, as well as tile roofs which will beautify your home and raise the value of your home.

Whether you need to fix that leaky roof or beautify your home with a new state-of-the-art cool roof, Trig Builders is your go-to contractor for all of your custom roof installation and repair needs. We have countless years of experience installing shingle roofs, tile roofs, as well as cool roofs that provide excellent insulation. In the long term we can save you money on your utility bill every month. We can also cover roof construction for home extensions or open deck plans. In conjunction with our skylight window services, we can accomplish the home of your dreams. Replacing roof shingles is a great and cost-effective way to raise the value of your home and protect it from inclement weather. Tiles, on the other hand, are a fantastic premium option for roofing that protects your home for years to come.