Insulate Your Home - Experience Infinite Comfort & Savings

"Proper insulation can save you money and provide a lifetime of comfort."

Smart insulation is an extremely important aspect of any home build and can save you both money and a lifetime of headaches dealing with extreme heating and cooling needs. Here at Trig Builders we're insulation experts and can recommend you a wide variety of insulation options and alternatives; we're one step ahead of the curve.

Insulation is any material that lines the inside of your home and protects it from outside temperates and moisture. It not only provides a comfortable and liveable home for you and your family, but it can provide a lifetime of savings and make a huge impact on your power bills. On average, homes with proper insulation can see a reduction of 20%-50% on all of their power and gas bills. Our experts can recommend the best type of insulation for your environment and install it with expert skill, leaving no cracks or drafts. We offer floor insulation, wall insulation, attic insulation, radiant barriers, moisture control, and ventilation services as well as a long list of material options to best suit your circumstances. Our offerings include fiberglass batting, mineral wool, cellulose, Polyurethane Foam, polystyrene, hempcrete, sheep’s wool, cotton, polyisocyanurate, and polyurethane. If you’re experiencing high air conditioning costs we also highly recommend installing reflective radiant barriers in your attic or roof to minimize overheating in the summer. This will not only reflect outside heat but also act as a secondary temperature buffering material.