Energy Efficiency Southern California - Go Green Today

"Every day we are paying more for energy than we should due to poor insulation, inefficient lights, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment - money we could save by investing in energy efficiency."

Our team of experts have inspected and renovated countless homes to be exponentially more green and energy efficient. By optimizing insulation and energy usage, you'll not only be saving money for the foreseeable future, but for the rest of your home's life.

Here at Trig Builders we are experts in inspecting, identifying, and remedying possible energy inefficiencies in your home. From insulation to appliance resource management, we can alter your home in a cost-effective and strategic manner. By optimizing all of these factors, the savings on your utilities and quality of life will not only be immediately apparent, but they will impact your finances for the rest of your home’s lifespan. As part of our analysis, we can measure your home insulation’s R-Value, asses the water efficiency of your appliances, and swap out any components that may be acting as a hog for water or power. Call us today to set up your home inspection and start saving money and living smarter.