Contracting in Woodland Hills is affordable way to beautify your home and raise your property value.

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood located directly besides the Santa Monica Mountains and is bordered by West Hills, Winnetka, and Canoga Park on the north, and the Santa Monica mountains on the south.

Some parts of it are located in the foothills, making homes desireable and property values worthwhile.

This area had been settled by the Chumash-Venturaño and Fernandeño-Tataviam tribes for close to 8,000 years when the first Europeans arrived in 1769. These were the Portola Expedition. Mission San Fernando, set up in 1797, took control of the land, which included the future Woodland Hills. The valley’s southern half entered American ownership in the 1860’s. It passed many hands until the “biggest land transaction ever recorded in Los Angeles County”, where LA Times’s Harry Chandler and partners bought it in 1910. Victor Girard Kleinberger later purchased 2,886 acres off it and founded Girard, which was annexed to LA, and in 1945, named Woodland Hills.

The 2000 census counted 59,661 people living in the neighborhood, which over the 14.77 square miles of land area, gives a density of 4,040 people for every square mile, which makes for one of the lowest population densities in LA city. In 2008, the population had gone up to 63,414, giving a new density of 4293 people for every square mile. The various community establishments catering to resident needs include Woodland Hills Recreation Center, which is a park with a football field, children’s play area, small enclosed gymnasium, baseball diamond, outdoor basketball courts, a soccer field, picnic tables, and tennis courts.

Homes in Woodland Hills generally measure around 1,300 square feet and contain single bedrooms. These are typically built on lots stretching 15.25-acres. If you want remodeling done for any reason, whether it be converting your basement into a more utilitarian space, or beautifying the front façade to up the property’s value, Trig Builders can provide excellent services to match your needs and preferences. We make sure that you get all the safety and aesthetic needs of your home are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Photo (c) dabruins07, Flickr