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Winnetka has historically serrved as a small farming community at the outset, after being founded in 1992. Winnetka currently has three private and six public schools, a child-care center, and two pocket parks. It is geographically bounded by Chatsworth on the north, by Northridge on the northeast, by Reseda on the east, by Woodland Hills on the south, and by Canoga Park on the west.

According to the census of 2000, Winnetka had a population of 40,943 people spread out over 4.78 square miles. The density was 9,286 people for each square mile, which was the same as the average for the city.

The 2008 census showed an increase to 54,825, raising the density to 11469 people for each square mile. The median resident age recorded in 2000 was 32, which is average for both county and city. The median annual household income came up to $62,435, which was average considering the rest of the city. The share of households making between $40,000 and $60,000 was high.

The 2010 census showed a population of 49,043 people inside 4.1 square miles, which gave a population density of 11,851 people for each square mile. The median annual household income was $62,748, which was again close to the average. Around 40% were earning under $50,000, while 14.7% were below the poverty line.

Most homes in Winnetka are at least half a century old, and constructed in various architectural styles including Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian. You also have contemporary structures as well as traditional cottages lining the tree-shaded streets. On the whole, the diversity of the residences is highly appealing next to the well-kept look of most neighborhoods.

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