Valley Village contracting & construction can help you add value to your existing house.

Valley Village was founded in the 30’s when workers at a neighboring film studio started building houses in it. Officially, it was already a section of North Hollywood by that time.

Separation from the latter was finalized by 1991, when Valley Village acquired reflective markers from the city to mark its borders with.

Valley Village has North Hollywood to its north and east, Sherman Oaks to its west, and Studio City to its south. In 1994, LA Times called this neighborhood an “area of upscale residences”, a description which has stuck true to the present day. According to the 2000 census, the majority of the single-family homes here were located on residential streets. It also showed 24,190 people living in the 2.09-square-miles area, giving an average population of 11,600 people for every square mile, which is normal for the county.

The total figure went up to 25,665 by 2008, placing the newer average at 12,279, which is higher than the county’s average. The median annual household income was median household income, which is normal for both county and city. The average household was sized at 2 people, which is a low figure.

Valley Village residents have neighborhood-funded options to have their recreational needs met, at the North Hollywood Recreation Center. This place has indoor and outdoor basketball courts, picnic tables, lighted tennis courts, an outdoor seasonal pool, lighted handball courts, lighted baseball diamonds, an auditorium, and a children’s play area.

Valley Village homes come in multiple styles, but are generally one-storied. If you wish to have remodeling done on your Valley Village residence, whether to beautify or add functionality, or simply for repairs, call Trig Builders to finish it quickly and efficiently. We employ experts with a good eye for what works in terms of structural integrity, who can make sure that your home does not carry unwanted dangers or inconveniences after a project is completed. We offer the finest remodeling services in the county, bringing experience, workmanship, and dedication to every job we take on.