Silver Lake builders & contractors can help transform your home in this up-and-coming neighborhood.

Silver Lake, one of the older streetcar suburbs of Los Angeles, was a transit-oriented development full of shops and houses clustered on either side of the Sunset Boulevard.

Silver Lake became an accessible and popular area after racially limiting covenants opened up housing options in the 1940’s for minority groups across the city, with many demographics building houses in the neighborhood. Its median household income was 61,797 dollars a couple of years ago.

Although the domination of cars is long gone, the Sunset Blvd is still a very walkable oasis, with boutiques, bars and trendy restaurants stretching from the Los Feliz to the Echo Park areas. Silver Lake’s southern half is a bustling entertainment and shopping quarter, where inside a few blocks one can grab coffees, hit the farmers’ market, meet a friend for brunch and catch a live band later that night – all sans getting in a car.

The Silver Lake Reservoirs are a wonderful place to walk your dog or jog. The neighborhood is full of midcentury-modern style properties. There are a lot of gorgeous Spanish Colonial Revival houses here, but the glassy boxes in the hilly areas are the real deal for arch-nerds.

There is no diminishing interest level in the region known for urban singularity as well as a creative backbone, especially among out-of-area residents. A lot of buyers who move in from the New York state are into some kind of creative field, and Silver Lake reminds those people of everything the state once was.

In the “House Hunters Renovation” TV show, a couple from Silver Lake faces a challenging renovation task for the home that is right up their ally. The reality is not much different from what is depicted on TV. If you are finding it a challenge, then there are veritable remodeling contractors in Los Angeles who could take on the mantle of renovation and execute it to your desired specifications.

If you are grappling with any such ideas, then feel free to contact Trig Builders today. No matter it is a Tudor-style or a Colonial style or modern project that you want, we are here to help you with the project you have in mind.