Monterey Hills construction and contracting services are a great option for flipping a house or building your dream home.

Monterey Hills is situated east to the Freeway 110 is within walking distance from the Downtown Los Angeles as well as the Old Town Pasadena.

If you take the said freeway and exit Via Marisol, turn to the right, and head past the stop light, then you will head up a hill that will take you through the Monterey Hills. Most complexes reside on Via Marisol, with some on Via Colina and Via Arbolada.

The Monterey Hills neighborhood consists of condos and townhouse complexes, which are governed by the respective association of homeowners. Other than being a park that is a perfectly sized, Monterey Hills is fully residential. The Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) have been built here in the past. Most of them were built in the 1980’s.

The 1971 Monterey Hills Redevelopment Project, which was adopted by the City Council, comprises the development of an extremely well planned residential neighborhood that provides an array of housing opportunities for people and families from all levels of income. Several condos and rental complexes have been built in that project area.

The median household income of Monterey Hills is in excess of 54,000 dollars. The Monterey Hills Jazz Festival has become a greatly anticipated annual event not just for the neighborhood residents but also for those in its surrounding area. The jazz performers vie for the honor of being able to play in the Jazz Festival of Monterey Hills. Not only do the LA residents enjoy jazz music, but the artists also enjoy playing for an audience that is most appreciative of the art form. Its past performers comprise Susie Hansen Band, Jimmy McConnell, and Lori Andrews Quartet.

Monterey Hills is a pet-friendly neighborhood, too, one that is ideal for long walks in the morning. In the daytime, you will come across dogs walking in or around the Bud Weiner Park and cats basking the sun on balconies. Just about all condos here have balconies, with first level units featuring big patios. Many of the condo units, with those that are remodeled, feature 2 and 3 bedrooms as well as side by side parking. Most of them are tandem even though some larger units have the side by side parking option.

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