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Hollywood is notable as a center of the country’s film industry, and is a site where most historic studios are headquartered.

The name “Hollywood” has become a shorthand reference for the whole industry, as well as for the people that are associated with it.

The neighborhood was originally a municipality after being incorporated as one on 1903, and was affixed to Los Angeles city seven years later. After that, a high-flying film industry emerged rapidly, becoming the most recognizable one of its kind on the globe.

Hollywood got its name from H. J. Whitley, who is often credited as the “Father of Hollywood”. While Whitley was standing on a hill looking out at the valley, he saw a Chinese man dragging a wood-laden wagon, who said, “I holly-wood” (“I’m hauling wood”) when asked what he was doing. Whitley decided to name the town “Hollywood”, with the first part of the name representing England, while the latter would be a nod to his Scottish roots. At the time, Whitley had already started more than 100 towns across the western part of the developing United States.

Geographically, Hollywood is bounded on the north by Hollywood Hills, on the northeast by Los Feliz, on the eats by Virgil Village, on the south by Hancock Park and Larchmont, on the southwest by Fairfax, on the west by West Hollywood, and on the northwest by Hollywood Hills West. Population-wise, it had 77,818 residents according to the census of 2000. Spread over 3.51-square-miles, this count gave an average of 22,193 people for each square mile, making Hollywood the seventh in terms of population density in the county. By 2008, the estimated population had gone up to 85,489, which brought the average to 24,355 people for each square mile.

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