Downtown Los Angeles renovation experts can transform your town-home or house into the dwelling of your dreams.

Downtown LA, or DTLA, is LA county’s central business district, which also forms a varied residential neighborhood of roughly 58,000 people. It is also a part of Central LA, with its different areas including Skid Row and a fashion district.

It serves as a hub for the urban rail transit system in the city, as well as Southern California’s Metrolink commuter rail system.

The various department stores, banks, and movies theaters used to draw loads of visitors, but some time towards the last century, it underwent a downturn that lasted until its revival in the 2000s. The old buildings were repurposed, and new skyscrapers came up. Currently, DTLA is known for its profusion of parks, theaters, government buildings, and other public areas.

The residential population in this neighborhood has seen a surge due to 2009’s 14,561 new residential unit establishments, which were set up under the county’s adaptive reuse ordinance. In 2000, the population was 27,849; two years, later, it had risen to 34,811. Over an area of 5.84 square miles, this brought up the average from 4,770 to 6847. In 2014, that figure rose to 8972 people per square mile. At the time, the authorities were constructing 5200 residential units. A 2013 study (a survey and not a census) estimated the median household income to be $98,700, and the median household size as 1.8. Another study showed that by 2017, DTLA’s population had reached 67,324 people.

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