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Brentwood is a neighborhood located in Contra Costa County in California. Situated in the East San Francisco Bay region, it was shown in the 2010 census to have a population of 51,481.

This was an increase of 121 percent from ten years back.

Brentwood started off as a community towards the end of the 19th century, and has remained famous in the Bay Area for its agricultural produce, mainly comprising corn, cherries, and peaches.

Urban sprawl which began in the 90’s has caused several of the orchards and old farms to be replaced by suburbs. Currently, Brentwood is an increasingly residential area, with a rate of population growth that has hit triple digits in the 90’s, and come up to 69% between 2000 and 2005. Of the 51,481 people recorded in the 2010 census, 51,335 (over 99%) were living in households, which numbered 16,494 in total. Of these, close to half had at least one minor living in each. The average household size came up as 3.11, while the average family was sized at 3.47. The median income of Brentwood fell at $97,202.

Brentwood is famous around California as a high-status, elegant neighborhood, serving up the kind of lifestyle every Los Angeles resident has aspired to at least once. It encompasses the Mandeville Canyon and Westridge Hills areas, and owing to its closeness to the ocean, possesses a milder climate than the rest of LA – winters are warmer, and summers are cooler.

As an upscale residential neighborhood, Brentwood is pretty much hard to beat. Recently it also developed a widespread commercial district which has garnered significant appeal among both residents and tourists. It offers several restaurants and fine shopping spots, especially on the San Vicente Boulevard, which is also popular as a walk street.

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