Beverlywood contractors can help modernize your existing living space or build a new structure from scratch.

Beverlywood is located in the Westside of Los Angeles. It was developed by Walter H. Leimert in 1940.

Leimert was also the one who developed the famous Leimert Park.

Beverlywood comprises around 1,354 single family homes in total, and is among the frosty neighborhoods in the city to establish binding CC&Rs. These regulations are administered by the local home association, and work to strictly limit the range of style, size, design, and color in new and extant homes. Further restrictions include those on landscaping; there is a review committee which enforces all of these.

Beverlywood has in recent years moved onto wide-scale mansionization. Many longtime residents have campaigned the City Council to make newer houses more in keeping with the neighborhood’s typical feel, and been successful in setting up restrictive regulations over new homes sizes. If you need remodeling because of this, Tri Builder can deliver the exact services you are looking for.

Beverlywood’s population as of the 2000 census stood at 6,080 residents inside its 0.79-square-mile area, which made for an average of 7,654 people in a square mile. That increased to 6,418 people by the time the 2008 census was performed. The median household income was $105,253 at the time, and the portion of households making over $125,000 was considerably high. The average household size was 2.5.

The homes in Beverlywood uniformly contain spacious rooms and yards, and have drawn many families over the years, especially Orthodox Jewish families. The main appealing factors include proximity to worship places, specialty stores, and synagogue. Circle Park provides a common spot where residents can visit and socialize with each other; it has grassy landscaping and flowerbeds, which are maintained the local association. Close by is Irving Schachter Park, where there is playground equipment for kids to play on.

We are meticulous about the remodeling work we do on Beverlywood homes, because even the smallest changes or additions to your home require placing an application to the local review committee, including the color of the exterior paint. We understand how important attention to detail is, and uphold it through every step of our work process.