Arlington Heights renovation experts are well-equipped in updating the historic structures of the Arlington Heights area.

Arlington Heights is a cozy and comfortable neighborhood, which is often referred to as a “streetcar suburb”, in California. The community’s population is in excess of 75,000, with just about the equal number of male and female residents.

Arlington Heights contractors have shown that the city ranks in the higher quartile for Population Density as well as the Diversity Index as opposed to other cities, Census Designated Places, and towns in the state.

The suburb gets thirty-seven inches of rain on average per year, exceeding that of the US. The snowfall also exceeds the national average. It sees 185 sunny days on average, which is not far behind that of the country. The summertime high is about 83 degrees, and the winter low is 49 degrees. The climate is comfortable year-round. This is one of the reasons why you would want to move into a cozy and comfortable housing unit here. If you are living in a house with old style architecture, then remodeling yours to make it up to the modern standards is something that you might want to consider.

The streetcar suburb has an outstanding concentration of homes with Spanish Colonial Revival, American Foursquare, and Craftsman style architecture. That is a lot of residences, which are rich in architecture.

It may have in this very nation when it was found, but the Arlington Heights neighborhood is conveniently proximate to all the action in both ‘Koreatown’ as well as downtown. If you are an art lover and shopaholic, the neighborhood has many options. Anchored by its Underground Museum, the stretch of the Washington Boulevard between the third and sixth avenues is turning into a major area of interest for art lovers and boutique frequenters.

With several of the residences now functioning as rental buildings, would-be homebuyers face rather high prices as well as limited inventory. With around twenty-thousand people residing in a square mile, you will not find much space for spreading out in the neighborhood. However, real estate agents say that there is a positive side to this. Businesses are opening here, plus people are flipping houses and adding property value.

The public transportation facilities also alleviate its population density issue. The median household income is 73,778 dollars, as per statistics on this. With enough public transportation options that go to the Westside, now there is a fewer number of cars on the roads of the streetcar suburb.