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In the 1980s period, as the industrial base of San Francisco Valley started to erode and several residents left to pursue job opportunities elsewhere, the embryonic neighborhood in Los Angeles became more diverse, and nowadays shares the most in Pacoima’s Latino demographics.

The sturdy, yet inexpensive houses built in the 1950’s, characterized by the postwar population boom, are still making ownership of homes possible for the working-class residents in LA. With easy access into two of its freeways, and a fresh Metro line in the offing, Arleta makes an affordable and convenient home-base for frequent commuters.

Even though the neighborhood has little green space, recreation facilities at Ritchie Valens, Denwood, and Hansen Dam parks provide an array of outdoor activities to one and all.

The recent laws in the state that let residents covert garages to ‘granny’ housing units have been one of the boons for homeowners. It is said that those in Arleta can earn an additional 1,500 dollars a month via rentals. This remodeling provision has also allowed people to rent out their secondary units and earn a steady source of income. However, it has to be noted that most people in this neighborhood with an urban feel have their own homes. You can also remodel yours.

It has become home to the working-class households who are priced out of its surrounding areas like Glendale and Burbank. Since home prices in the neighborhood begin to increase slightly, that extra earning opportunity will help residents weather the growing cost of living.

Arleta’s population may be one of the factors its median income is often cited in excess of 65,000 dollars, more than that of the nation. The median home value far exceeds the median rent, owing to the more number of people owning their homes.

Arleta consists of residences on tree-lined paths encircled by the Branford Park, Arleta Community Garden, and several other resources. The neighborhood also has several family-owned retail outlets, which give it a homier feel than bigger commercial districts around it. In terms of employed people, education levels in households, it ranks reasonably high. Many of the public schools in its boundaries have scored more than seven-hundred upon the “Academic Performance Index”.

Photo (c) Chris Yarzab, Flickr