Yossi Feldman

Yossi Malul

Yossi is the brawn and the brain combined – with a background in general contracting and a business-oriented mindset, he runs Trig Builders with an eye for detail and consistency across the board. He’s tailored all of his project managers and staff to fit within the welcoming culture of the company.

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Ezra Kunig

Ezra Atia

Ezra is an all-around general contracting expert and entrepreneur at heart. He’s earned his team’s loyalty through dedication and an incredible work ethic. He lives his life like he runs Trig Builders, honest and earnest.

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david bendavid

David BenDavid
CTO & Project Manager

As CTO, David’s key roles are brand assurance, asset generation, lead management, and overall customer relations. David wears two hats at the company, and can oversee project management at the drop of a pin. Call David today for prompt service.

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