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Pros and Cons of Tar-and-Chip Driveways

Tar-and-chip, also known as macadam, is a type of construction that uses layers of small single-sized crushed angular stones and places them in shallow lifts. It is then compacted thoroughly to give a dense and sturdy surface. The type of construction is usually seen in roads and airport runways, but it can also be used for the driveways at homes. To construct a tar-and-chip driveway, your residential remodeling services provider

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The Best Materials for Flat Roofing

A flat roof offers great flexibility to your home by allowing you to use the roof space for a variety of purposes. There are many material options for flat roofing systems as well that add to usability and resourcefulness. Below are the most common materials used for flat roofing services. Built-Up Roofing Built-up roofing is the traditional option for flat roofs. It has been around for more than 120 years

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