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How Insulation Affects a House’s Energy Performance

Insulation in a home acts as a barrier which prevents heat from entering into or escaping from the applied area. This is especially true for the wall, floor, ceiling, and roof. Insulation is considered the most practical and cost-effective means to make a house more energy efficient, and this is true in most residences. By insulating a house, one would be able to stay warmer during the winter season and

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sanding wooden floors

Sanding Wooden Floors by Yourself Pt. 2

Sanding your own wooden floors are a great way to cut down on costs and have a fun weekend DIY project as it relates to home improvement and home renovation. The Process For both the aforementioned sander machines, the method is the same. You begin with a rough paper, which will smoothen the ridges between the boards. This will shape a uniform surface. Further, every grit is created to remove

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hardwood floors

Sanding Wooden Floors by Yourself Pt. 1

Sanding wood floors by yourself is definitely a good way to help almost any home-improvement budget. Although it is impossible to do this without the proper knowledge, thorough research can get you up to speed on the process, at least enough that you can manage to perform it decently. If you put in ample effort, the results would be reflected in your work. Below are a few things you need

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