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What Works Better for Stucco Damage – Repairing or Replacement?

stucco-wall-repair-replacement Jul 9

What Works Better for Stucco Damage – Repairing or Replacement?

Replacing Stucco

The stucco on your home can become damaged due to a lot of reasons down the road. From harsh weather conditions to usual wear and tear due to aging, there can be many factors, which lead to stucco damage. No matter what caused the damage, it always takes a toll on the overall energy efficiency of the home. Besides, it can bring about many other issues as well, such as rain damage and leakage. That is why immediate action is very necessary in case of any stucco damage.

Repairing vs. Replacement

Replacing stucco is usually recommended for minor damages as a “quick fix”. A professional home remodeling Los Angeles service would easily identify the area where the stucco is damaged, and then fix the problem and replace the broken stucco with a new one. Usually, repairs are done in the particular section where the damage is found. However, such a quick repairing work will not address any specific underlying problem that caused the damage.

Stucco replacement, on the contrary, is a more comprehensive solution for the problem. This process also requires identifying, fixing, and replacing the damaged stucco, but the work here is done for the entire stucco system instead of on a particular section. Replacing the stucco works effectively to address the underlying issues that led to stucco damage, thereby eliminating the need to make more repairs over and over again.

Which is Better?

The choice between a stucco repair company and entire stucco replacement is often based on the costs. Although replacement works would be more costly than repairs, it is a long-term investment. In fact, stucco replacement would help you to save spending more on the stucco repairs later. That is because you are repairing only one section of the stucco system in the latter option, which means that the other areas are still prone to the original damaging factors.

Experts at home remodeling Los Angeles services further assert that some stucco damages like cracking, bulging, and rotting can happen again if the actual problem causing the damages was not resolved. That can be easily done with professional stucco replacement. The home remodeling expert will perform a full inspection of the stucco system, and figure out what actually led to the damages and fix it.

Besides, an added perk of replacing stucco is that it always boosts the overall value of the home. This means that you are likely to get better offers from potential buyers if you planned to sell the property any time later.

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