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Things to Know about Stucco Siding

stucco los angeles contractors May 7

Things to Know about Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is a material made out of Portland cement, water, lime, and sand. It is usually applied in three layers over the lath base and offers a strong, seamless, and durable exterior for your home. There are several advantages to using stucco including a strong resistance to fire, low maintenance concerns, and long durability. Consider these factors before approaching contractors offering paint and stucco in Los Angeles. Below is a discussion on the Stucco siding material and their properties.

Traditional Stucco Siding Installation

Stucco installed over mesh is the most common technique of installing this material. In fact, it is the traditional way of installing this siding material. It is done by applying the above blend over wood lath or a wire. Traditional stucco siding is characterized by an acrylic-polymer finish which changes shape with the weather, allowing for easy expansion and contraction, which keeps the cracks to the minimum level. This makes sure that they last up to 50 years without a need to be replaced.

The New Stucco Siding

There is a new type of stucco style becoming popular these days. This is known as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). In this, a polymer coat of Styrofoam based stucco is sprinkled or applied to the base of a fiberglass mesh as well as foam board insulation. EIFS has a great advantage that it almost never cracks. Besides, it provides an extra level of insulation. Although it is slightly more expensive than traditional stucco finish, it is found to be more prone to damage upon high impacts. Conditions like hail and woodpeckers are said to inflict more damage on these when compared to the traditional stucco.

Advantages of Stucco Siding

Stucco is an excellent insulator of cool and warm air. This is attributed to the method of application and the material used. Once you have installed stucco in the exterior, it will be possible to maintain a constant temperature in your home. These are commonly used in areas affected by extreme heat.

Secondly, it has a very stylish appearance. Moreover, you can add colors, artistic carvings, mosaics, and murals before the stucco dries. All this makes it one of the best siding materials used by many general contractors in Los Angeles. Stucco has several unmatched qualities such as excellent insulation which makes it a great choice to be used in your homes.

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