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Storing your Personal Belongings during a Home Remodel Pt. 2

home remodel storage Apr 27

Storing your Personal Belongings during a Home Remodel Pt. 2

If your own home has no extra room that can provide much storage utility, you could still fit in a few items in the unused spaces that the place does have. People often overlook the height aspect, which in many big homes makes for a lot of unused space. Gravity sure makes it tough to use all of it, but not so much if you use stackable containers and other specially made storage products tuned towards exploiting the height of the room. Furniture with in-built storage options, such as captain beds, hollow tables, and futons, let you sneakily hide various items and free up space in the house.

For a person who needs to store much bigger things, or who does not have many other internal options, external storage is definitely worth a shot. No matter where you live, there is bound to be at least one self-storage facility nearby where you can keep some of your stuff. If it is easy to fit all your items affected by renovation into a box or car, then self-storage can be taken as another option. Self-storage offers reasonable pricing as well as flexibility for people who are already committing a lot of money into home renovation. A self-storage facility rents out space as rooms of set size, so make it a point to ascertain in advance the total volume of all the items which will be going into storage.

For those with much bigger items which they have to stow away during renovation, another extremely appealing option is full-service storage. You get that from a company which provides both moving and storage service in one package. Such a company will pick up all the items from your home and move them, and handle the entirety of the logistics there. Often, transporting big, heavy things to a self-storage facility or unit by yourself can be more effort than what it is worth; the cost you would incur hiring a professional will be offset to a large extent by the relative ease you will feel during the whole process. Professional movers have the skill and tools required to handle bigger and heavier items such as appliances at their pickup point, and move and drop these off safely at their intended destination.

Every customer has to focus on making sure their personal items return from a storage facility in the condition they arrived in. Choosing a safe and well-maintained facility having all the essential conditions to keep things in perfect state is an often overlooked aspect of home renovation. It is smart to make sure your storage facility has sufficient security measures as well.

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