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A Quick Guide to Slab Cabinet Doors

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A Quick Guide to Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab cabinet doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners these days for their transitional and contemporary designs. Most of the traditional cabinet doors have a type of contoured design that uses frames and panels. On the other hand, slab cabinet doors do not have any frame or panel, but feature a solid and flat surface. Below is a quick look at slab cabinet doors, which will help you to understand whether it will be a good choice for your kitchen cabinet remodel project.


Slab cabinet doors can be constructed using various methods just like traditional raised panel cabinet doors. Note that the type of construction method will affect the cost of the cabinet door. In general, there are three main choices offered by residential remodeling services to homeowners when they look for slab cabinet doors.

  • Solid hardwood: This is the most durable construction, and the most costly as well. The cabinet doors are made from solid hardwood boards that are glued together along the edges.
  • Class A, furniture-grade plywood: This construction uses finish-grade plywood panels, where the top layer is made of high-quality hardwood. Underneath, you have a ply of pine or any other kind of softer wood. The edges of the slab doors are covered using hardwood veneer tape.
  • MDF: This is a standard material used for kitchen cabinet doors. Here, the medium-density fiberboard will be painted or covered using a plastic laminate or thermofoil to give a sleek construction.


Slab cabinet doors give a modern and utilitarian appeal to the kitchen space. If you are using solid hardwood slab cabinet doors, you can give your kitchen a stylish and contemporary look. They create a smooth, clean, and uncomplicated design, which can suit all kinds of modern kitchens. If you choose MDF slab cabinet doors, you will get a long-lasting and well-designed construction. Although they may have the luxury appeal of solid hardwood, MDF slab kitchen cabinet doors can be a good choice for budget-conscious homeowners who want the sleek look of slab cabinetry.


The most common concern with slab cabinet doors is the risk of warping. However, this problem is generally associated with just a few construction methods and will not be an issue under normal conditions. Slab cabinet doors made with furniture-grade plywood are dimensionally stable, while MDF slab kitchen cabinet doors can resist warping as long as the top thermofoil or laminate layer remains intact. Solid hardwood slab cabinet doors can also offer good warp-resistance if they are sealed with a coat of good-quality paint.

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