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Three Things to Consider before Installing a Residential Air Conditioner

air conditioner installation los angeles May 31

Three Things to Consider before Installing a Residential Air Conditioner

Usually, your standard air conditioning system installation job does not take more than 24 hours. However, that does not mean that an AC unit can be plugged into power without any second thought. There are many factors going into residential AC installation, all with the ultimate purpose of making sure that households have the right type and size of AC unit. Furthermore, seeking help of the best HVAC services in Chatsworth will positively impact the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

Load Calculations

HVAC contractors use formulas in order to calculate the power required to cool a residence, but it is not as easy as converting a few numbers. Factors to consider include area, the amount of exposure to sun, the overall number of windows, the kind of home insulation used, and the way your house is sealed.

Performing the correct calculations is very essential. If your AC unit ends up being very small, it means the unit will run almost always to try and cool your house. In most cases, HVAC contractors overestimate the unit’s size and end up setting up an AC that is too big. When it is oversized, the AC unit will cool the house too fast, which will make it a necessity to turn it on and off far too often.


Climate can also have an effect on the kind of cooling products that you will eventually install.

  • High Humidity: Heat pump and central AC units can help lower humidity, although high humidity will need a real dehumidifier to be integrated to the HVAC system.
  • Extreme Cold: As per the experts, temperatures near freezing point and below are likely to reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system. Thankfully, in more moderate weather, this will not be much of a problem.
  • Dry Air: Too low humidity can be uncomfortable as well, and installing a normal air conditioning system does not help at all times. In such cases, one may think about having an evaporative cooler installed in their house. This system brings humidity to a house even as it cools the house.


Is a duct system installed in your house? This is another big factor in deciding the type of AC you choose to install in your home. If you already have ducts, then it most probably means you have a residential heating system in place. In this regard, your best option is to have a central air conditioning system installed because it can utilize the same ducts. This will also make the installation quick and easy.

If you do not have ducts, you may consider installing one of the ductless mini-split AC systems. While the upfront costs can be high, these systems will be very efficient over a long period of time.

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