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When to Replace the Windows in your Home Pt 2

replacement-windows-los-angeles Jul 5

When to Replace the Windows in your Home Pt 2

They Look Dull and Worn Out

Windows are one of the first things that people notice when they look at a home. If the windows of your home are worn out, or if they have lost their initial charm, it would significantly diminish the curb appeal of your house. No matter how beautifully you would have kept the interiors, it would always go unappreciated and unnoticed if your home had dull looking windows or those with faded colors. That is why experts recommend a paint job once in every 2 – 3 years to maintain the luster and shine of the windows.

You can even do one better here by replacing the dull and weary windows with new ones. For instance, you can go for a larger window instead of two small adjacent windows. That would not only upgrade your home’s overall appearance, but also allow more natural light to interact with the interiors of your home and give it a fresh makeover. Changing the type of the window would also perk up the mood and ambience of the home by improving the airflow inside, thereby augmenting the comfort and quality of living.

Your Energy Bills are Soaring

Weather-stripping the windows would make sure that the temperature inside the rooms is at the optimum level during the winter season. It will allow enough sunlight to enter the home and keep the living conditions inside comfortable. However, if the windows were damaged and draughty, they would allow currents of cool air to get in, thereby reducing the warmth inside the home. This would then put more pressure on your HVAC system to maintain the temperature well, which in turn, leads to more energy consumption.

Reports say that damaged windows can cause the monthly energy bills to go up to 25% higher, which can become very annoying in the long term. This makes inspecting the windows at regular intervals even more important. Therefore, if you see your monthly bills soaring without any specific reason, you should contact home remodeling Los Angeles experts to do a thorough checkup of your house, and replace the damaged windows with energy-efficient ones. Besides, installing new windows would always boost the overall value of your home and bring you better deals if you were to sell it anytime soon.

Aside from these clear signs, it is also very important to inspect the windows in case you just survived a heavy storm. This is especially important in areas that experience severe weather throughout the year. In such cases, waiting for the above-mentioned signs to show up or expecting the windows to last as per their normal lifespan might be an unwise idea. A heavy storm or hurricane can always damage any sturdy and tough material, so it would be better to have them inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary.

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