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Different Types of Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops

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Different Types of Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops

Natural stone is considered to be a much better alternative for bathroom countertops than ceramic and porcelain. Generally, a bathroom countertop made of natural stone will feature a single thick solid slab that has cuts and openings for the sinks and fittings. However, bathroom remodeling services can also create custom countertops with natural stone in the same fashion as that seen with ceramic and tile bathroom countertops.

The most striking benefit of opting for natural stone countertops is that they give a premium appeal to the bathroom space and send a silent message of luxury. Not only that, but some of the natural stone countertops can be entirely unique as well, such as those made with granite and marble, which adds to their classy look. With that in mind, natural stone can be more expensive than other bathroom countertop materials and might need periodic sealing and maintenance to ensure its longevity. Regardless, natural stone countertops can be a great choice for all types of homes because of their supreme durability and hardness. Below are the different types of natural stone countertops that you can install in your home with the help of a bathroom remodeling services provider.


Slate is one of the most commonly used countertop materials in the US. It can actively resist stains because it is less porous than other natural stone types and comes in various shades and colors as well.


Soapstone is known for its beautiful milky-white appeal with subtle veining. It is also a non-porous natural stone, making it easier to maintain and care for when installing in the bathroom.


Limestone is not that commonly used for bathroom countertops as it is required to be sealed repeatedly in order to ensure its permanence. That is why most limestone bathroom countertops are constructed with tiles.


Marble is arguably the most beautiful natural stone of all. It comes in a lot of colors and patterns that can instantly turn the overall look of the bathroom into something luxurious. Although they are relatively softer and require good care and maintenance the elegant appeal of marble bathroom countertops is unmatched.


Granite is very similar to marble in appeal but it features more specks of varying colors and less visible veining. It is the most popular natural stone type in the US due to the diverse choices available for granite countertops as well as its ease of availability.

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