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5 Essentials to Consider When Remodeling the Laundry Room

laundry-room-remodel-essentials Mar 6

5 Essentials to Consider When Remodeling the Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are traditionally located in basements or garages, areas that usually have poor lighting and bare concrete flooring. They often also have little to no space at all to hang your clothes or store the laundry essentials. The good thing is that remodeling the laundry room is simple and one of the cheapest of all residential remodeling services. So if washing clothes seems like pure drudgery to you, it may be time to remodel your laundry room. Below are 5 essentials to consider when remodeling the laundry room in your house.

Update the Flooring

Uncomfortable and unfinished flooring can make it very difficult to walk or stand in your laundry room. If your home flooring doesn’t extend to the laundry room, you can choose any affordable, but good quality, waterproof flooring for the area. Vinyl and ceramic tile flooring are best suited for laundry rooms because they can stand up well against moisture and water buildup.

Choose Good Lighting

Dim lighting will make your laundry room gloomy and dark, and unpleasant to work in. A new lighting system with strategically placed recessed lights can do wonders for your laundry room. You can also go for track lighting or flush-mount ceiling light fixtures to turn the laundry room into a well-lit space. If there are wall cabinets, you can choose under-cabinet lights as well.

Install Folding Surfaces

It is always better to fold your clothes before taking them out of your laundry room. You can easily set up a folding surface by building a waterfall countertop over a front-loading washing machine. If you have enough space, you can also invest in a permanent table or build one to use it as a dedicated counter for folding your clothes.

Create Storage Spaces

You should always have enough storage space in the laundry room for essentials like detergents, bleach, softeners, stain and odor removers, etc. You can install wall cabinets or pantry-style tall cabinets for the purpose. Lightweight items can be stored on floating cantilevered shelves too. 

Set Up a Utility Sink

A utility sink can be quite handy to wash your dirtiest clothes before throwing them in the washing machine. You can also use the utility sink to pre-treat or soak items. Installing a utility sink is very easy because you can use the existing water supply and drainage lines. Consult with a residential remodeling services provider to learn how to install utility sink in your laundry room.

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