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Why Use Rubber Flooring in the Kitchen

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Why Use Rubber Flooring in the Kitchen

Rubber flooring is one of the most preferred options in restaurants and commercial kitchens. It is water-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to maintain, and does not get damaged that easily. Although it has a lot of potential benefits, rubber flooring is not that commonly used in residential kitchens. This is mainly because of the limited colors and design options in rubber flooring. Yet again, many homeowners are now turning to rubber flooring for its outstanding performance when they start thinking about home renovation services. Below is why you should also go for rubber flooring in your kitchen.

It is Easy to Install

Rubber flooring can be easily installed in the kitchen over a subfloor or even your old hard-surface flooring. It can be as simple as rolling out the rubber sheets and cutting the edges to fit it inside the kitchen. There are rubber floor tiles available these days as well, which you can simply lay over the existing subfloor in the pattern you like. Just make sure that you protect the subfloor from water and moisture damage, especially if it is made of wood or a similar material. 

It is Very Comfortable

We all spend long periods standing in the kitchen. Standing on a hard floor for long can cause fatigue, and eventually lead to leg pain and back issues. This issue can be easily alleviated by using rubber flooring in the kitchen. The resilient material will conform to the shape of your feet, which makes it a gentle and comfortable surface to stand and walk on. So if you use your kitchen too often or for long hours every day, then installing rubber flooring will be the most comfortable option for you. You can ask more about options for rubber flooring from a professional floor installation service provider.

It is a Durable Material

Rubber is a highly flexible and durable material, which does not get damaged due to the usual stress of the kitchen or high traffic. Even if a knife falls on the floor puncturing the rubber surface, it will be hardly noticeable after you remove the object. This is because rubber is naturally self-healing and it will not show any signs of damage that easily. Therefore, pet toenails, dropped dishes, high heels, or any other usual kitchen traumas will not be a cause of concern for your flooring.

It Offers Good Slip-Resistance

The kitchen is an area where the majority of slips in the house happen. Any accidental spills or splashes on the floor can make it unsafe to walk, but not if you are using rubber flooring. Rubber is a naturally slip-resistant material, and you can even increase this quality by choosing rubber material that is manufactured with dimensional texture on the surface. This offers you a better grip to walk on and can help to avoid any kind of slip and fall accident. You may also inquire about rubber flooring from a bathroom remodeling service professional as rubber flooring can have many advantages in the bathroom as well.

It is an Eco-Friendly Option

Virgin rubber flooring is partially made from the Pará rubber tree sap using a process that allows harvesting for several years without having to cut the tree. You can also get rubber flooring materials made from recycled automobile tires. These sources have minimal impact on the environment, which makes rubber flooring an eco-friendly option for homeowners who prefer a green lifestyle. What’s more, rubber flooring made with recycled tires is often stronger and feature high resistance to stains than virgin rubber flooring.

It Has Great Water-Resistance

Any type of kitchen flooring should be able to handle water properly to make it a safe environment for the homeowner who is looking towards professional kitchen remodeling services. Rubber does not absorb water, so as long as you have well-manufactured and high-quality rubber tiles or sheets, you can rest assured that it will not allow any moisture build-up. However, you should seal the seams between the tiles properly because little droplets of water can seep down to the subfloor through those gaps. That is why rubber flooring in sheet form is considered better than tiles.

It is Easy to Maintain

You can easily maintain the durability and longevity of rubber flooring with usual sweeping or vacuuming. It will be enough to remove the dirt and debris from the surface, while you can also wet-mop rubber flooring for a thorough clean up. However, you should take care to avoid any kind of acidic or chemical-based detergents when cleaning rubber flooring. This is because such solutions can discolor its surface and make the flooring look unattractive. It will be better to wipe off any accidental spills or splashes from rubber flooring using a soft cloth damped in warm water.

It Offers Good Color Consistency

Most of the rubber flooring types will carry a consistent color throughout the body of the material. This makes sure that the color of your kitchen flooring will not fade even when the material wears down over time. This quality is usually more common in virgin rubber flooring, but materials made with recycled tires also feature good color consistency.

Another great thing about rubber flooring is that it is so soft that even if you accidentally drop your plates or bowls on the floor, they will not break on impact. This way, rubber flooring makes your kitchen space much safer.

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