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The Underlying Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Pt 1

home-remodel-hardwood-floors Jun 26

The Underlying Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Pt 1

There is a vast sea of options for home flooring these days, but one among them has always been the first preference of homeowners in the US – hardwood flooring. While there are some obvious advantages of choosing solid hardwood for home flooring that lure homeowners, such as better durability and low maintenance, expert home remodeling Los Angeles services say that the flooring option can actually benefit the home and its residents in a lot more ways. Below is a quick look at the underlying perks of hardwood flooring, which totally justify its reputation as the best choice for home remodeling and renovation today.

They are Strong and Durable

Hardwoods are very strong and durable; no matter whether you choose pine, maple, walnut, mahogany, or rosewood for the flooring, it is sure to last for a very long time. Although they can get scratches and be dented sometimes, their tough and sturdy nature makes it very easy to maintain and take care of solid wood floors.

They are Easy to Maintain

You can clean hardwood floors using vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners and get any accumulated dirt and debris out of your home in no time. Solid woods are also more resistant to staining when compared to carpets and rugs. In case of an accidental spill, you can simply wipe it off the floor with a clean cloth. Besides, they would not lose their natural luster due to any grime buildup if you cleaned that in due time.

They Boost the Value of the Home

Wooden flooring can easily add more value to your home. Home remodeling Los Angeles experts say that hardwood flooring attracts more buyers to a house on sale when compared to other flooring options. What’s more, the overall value of the home is also improved with the long-lasting and easy-to-maintain flooring, which means a better return on investment for the homeowner.

They Promote Superior Air Quality

As hardwood flooring does not collect pet dander and pollen particles as carpeting does, it helps to improve the air quality inside the home. Wooden floors do not have grout lines or embossing either, as seen in tile and laminate floors, so there are no chances for allergens to settle on hardwood flooring at all.

They Improve the Looks of the Home

Solid hardwood flooring gives an elegant makeover to the house. Some say that wooden flooring makes the indoor space look bigger and spacious, which in turn makes the home more attractive and cozy. Besides, hardwood floors can also add a bit of warmth to the interiors by complementing the home décor.

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