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10 Home Addition Benefits you Need to Know

home-addition-benefits Sep 3

10 Home Addition Benefits you Need to Know

Home addition is a great way to add more living space in your house and give your family the required amenities and comfort they need. While home remodeling and conversion also works to add more living space to the home, a home addition project can go the extra mile of offering a better quality of life, potential rental income, superior insulation, and more natural light. In fact, there are many benefits to investing in a home addition project. Below are some of the key advantages of home addition that you should know about.

It Gives you More Living Space

One of the most obvious benefits of home addition is that it allows you to upgrade the living space in your house. This usable space can be converted into a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, or recreational room as per your requirements. Sometimes, even a small addition to the square foot area of your home can open up many possibilities and yield great results.

It Allows you to House More Family Members

Recent studies show that around 40% of young adults prefer to live with their parents. If you have seniors living with you as well, then you would feel that the space requirement of each family member is growing day-by-day. A home addition project can easily help to deal with any limited living space issues and allow you to house more family members in the home.

It Gives you an Option for Additional Income

If you choose to add a bedroom to your home and attach a small bathroom to it, you can also rent the space to a paying guest. This would give you an option to generate some additional income, which can be used to manage your monthly energy and utility bills. In the long term, this can even balance out the amount you invested in the home addition project.

It Adds More Value to your Home

Home additions can help to increase the overall market value of your home as well. This would in turn attract more potential buyers to the property in case you plan to sell it any time soon. However, note that not all home addition projects add value to the home. Therefore, you should consult with a home addition Los Angeles expert to understand what type of projects would increase the value of the property.

It is Cheaper than Moving to a New House

A home addition project can be much cheaper than moving into a new house to meet with the growing needs of your household. If you were calculating, do not just compare the cost of buying a new house versus the cost of the home addition project, but also include things like the hassle of packing, transportation and moving expenses, and the time required to settle into the new community.

It Can Be Completed Very Quickly

Most of the general  remodeling Los Angeles providers can help to complete the project within a couple of weeks. You just need to contact the services provider and discuss your home addition ideas with them. They would then conduct the necessary inspections and offer the most practical home addition solution for your needs.

It Can Add Luxury to your Home

A home addition project can increase the square foot area of your home and add luxury to your master bedroom or bathroom. You can easily add a walk-in shower or a bathtub in the extra space in the bathroom, while you can have more furniture or decorative pieces in the added area in the bedroom. No matter what your choice is, more space always allows you to include more luxury items in your home.

It Can Allow More Natural Light to Enter the House

Most of the homeowners in the US think of a sunroom when they consider a home addition. They usually cost less than a full-scale room addition project and allow more natural sunlight to enter the surrounding rooms. Besides, a sunroom addition is the most simple home addition project, and can be completed within a couple of days in most of the cases.

It Gives you the Option to Start your Own Business

Many homeowners go for a home addition project to have them rented and make a living out of the income. This is much more cost-effective than buying a piece of land and leasing it. At the same time, the extra space added in the home can also be used as an art studio, a health club, or a salon to kick-start your own business from home.

It Allows you to Transform the Characteristics of your Home

Home addition is one of the easiest ways to transform the character and ambiance of your home. While adding an extra bedroom or bathroom allows you to add to the comfort of living, updating the kitchen and the dining area can help to change the mood and vibe of the home. You can always try new décor ideas to define the character of your home as well.

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