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Five Key Factors to Consider when Building a Sunroom Pt. 2

sunroom construction southern california Apr 24

Five Key Factors to Consider when Building a Sunroom Pt. 2

Less Number Two

Consider the use of the room. If you simply wish for an outdoor retreat when the weather is nice, a screened porch or seasonal room may be ideal for you. However, if you want an extended living room, kitchen, exercise space, or home office for use all the year round, then you should choose a solarium, a conservatory, or an insulated sunroom. Today’s superior quality sunroom comes with an option in-wall wiring. Therefore, you can use it for just about any purpose.

Lesson Number Three

Think about the views from the room. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-wall glass can give you the best views of the outdoors, provided the home is set in a place like that. A custom-sunroom builder worth their salt would also be able to expertly size the doors and windows without using unsightly materials to fill in gaps in order to meet the specifications of the homeowner. Filler not only obstructs views but also brings an add-on look, which can detract from their house.

Consider the room’s exposure to sunlight. Directly exposed rooms would perhaps require shades or blinds, and probably Low-E glass featuring special tints to avert overheating and filter harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunrooms that face wooded lots can usually be left fully natural.

As per many expert room addition contractors Downtown Los Angeles has to offer, these rooms enhance the living space and affect the ambiance of the whole house for the better. This viewpoint is also backed by homeowners who use custom designed and installed sunrooms. One person described the experience of being in their solarium every day as a scenic one.

Lesson Number Four

Have the room fit into the existing structure of your house. There is nothing worse than the kind of sunroom addition which seems an add-on. If possible, have a company design a sunroom that blends with the character and natural roofline of your house. This will require you get the services of a custom manufacturer of sunrooms.

Lesson Number Five

Both vinyl and aluminum are practical, energy-efficient, economical, and built to last. When choosing between the two, base your choice on what looks the best in your house. There are companies which design and install rooms for every kind of home, blending custom looks together with the existing architecture. A sunroom can be planned while building your house, be added later on, or be built on your existing patio or deck.

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