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Five Key Factors to Consider when Building a Sunroom Pt. 1

sunroom contractors los angeles Apr 22

Five Key Factors to Consider when Building a Sunroom Pt. 1

Solariums, conservatories, and sunrooms are spaces made mainly of glass which make for a light-filled house in any type of weather. Such sun-drenched rooms come in several shapes and styles, ranging from screened enclosures to insulated rooms. While screened enclosures are suitable for use in nice weather, insulated sunrooms are ideal for year-round use. Using sunrooms is an excellent means to expand a house because these not just add to the square footage of the residence, but also present a space for relaxation and entertainment.

If you are planning to add a sunroom, then take these lessons which room addition contractors Downtown Los Angeles generally share with customers all over the country.

Lesson Number One

Choose the kind of room which best suits your lifestyle. A screen enclosure allows you to enjoy the perks of nature at an affordable cost. In warmer climates, one can use a screen enclosure all year round for protection from rain, harsh sun, and insects. In cooler climates, such a kind of room is perfect for spring through the late summer season.

Seasonal sunrooms are made with single-pane windows as well as screens, preferably with floor-to-ceiling or full-length views of the outdoors. Although these are not conceived to be air-conditioned or heated, window shades or blinds and natural ventilation give more comfort and extend seasonal use. In northern climates, a seasonal room can often be used starting from early springtime and stretching to late autumn. In the south, a room like this can usually be used throughout the year.

A year-round enclosure has thermally insulated glass material and thermal barriers in its frame and can be air-conditioned and heated for year-round use following the local building codes. If you are looking for it, then think about ENERGY STARĀ® rated windows and doors, in addition to ENERGY STARĀ® components like roof panels and floors to make sure you get the maximum energy efficiency and comfort possible.

Solariums are also a unique option for a homeowner who seeks a scenic view of the things around them. These insulated enclosures are made with a straight eave or curved eave roofline. When sitting inside one of these, you would get the sense of being outdoors. For an unparalleled feeling of elegance, choose the English-Style glass conservatory. It is becoming a popular option among homeowners once again. Available with a translucent or glass roof, these sunrooms feature a unique Old English styling which blends with an array of architecture.

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