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How to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen Apr 11

How to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are one of the most attractive styles for a kitchen remodel and is a look embraced by people all over the world. It focuses on family living and brings in a vintage feel to the kitchen uplifting the ambiance of the same. Below is a discussion on how to make your own farmhouse kitchen.

Unique Variation

The modern farmhouse style showcases the looks of the modern equipment as well as the charm of the historical style. It is overall, an elegant mix of styles, which suits any kitchen well.

The key to bringing a sense of farmhouse is to creatively blend the new and the old. This means you need to find what suits you the best. For instance, you could combine a mid-century stool with a Victorian style lamp. When such combinations are found, spaces become lively.

Another great choice is to go for open shelving. This will add a more spacious feel to the kitchen. You can remove the existing doors to the cabinets. Or you can substitute them with glass doors if you are not particular about opening the cabinets completely.

Signature Neutral Palette

The identity of a vintage kitchen is the objects that actually resemble mid-century fittings and accessories. You can start by adding a few rustic wooden cabinets first. These could be glazed to add to the feel of the objects.

You can choose a vintage barnwood cabinet color or other muted color palette to invoke the rustic feel.

Natural Combines with the Industrial

Farmhouse style is essentially a mix of the old and the new. Therefore, you can include accessories like wrought iron fixtures, barn doors, or shiplap flashing. These will definitely contribute to the combination of styles.

Details Matter

Details are often ignored in the process, but it is the details that matter in ultimately bringing the feel to the kitchen. Hence, make sure you pay attention to adding attractive details that complement your theme. Add decorative millwork or vintage style casing, moldings, or trim all over the space. This will bring the feel of a bygone period. Furthermore, a reclaimed wooden sign or a creatively designed lace window installation could be perfect to add to the feel of the space. This is truly where a Southern California kitchen remodel expert will stand apart from an amateur one.

Make sure you add some of the most attractive pieces to the gathering place in your kitchen. Place elements like a vintage light or add a large island or table if there is sufficient space. This is like the final statement to the intention of the theme.

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