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Everything you Need to Know about Metal Roofing

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Everything you Need to Know about Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is no more an option limited to commercial buildings, warehouses, and factories; it has become a mainstream option for home roofing also and can be seen in many high-class artistic homes. However, professional roofing services can install shingle-style metal roofing at any home, giving it an almost indistinguishable appeal from asphalt or slate roof shingles. Below is a deeper look at metal roofing and explaining why it is one of the most viable options for US homes today.

They are Easy to Install

Metal roofs can be installed over your home’s existing roof, without having to take down the old shingles. However, removing the shingles before installing the metal roof is still recommended in order to get the job done effectively. In any case, it is very easy to install metal roofing on your house. Leaving the old shingles as they are would help to avoid the hassle of tearing them and reduce the associated costs. Yet as it can lead to moisture buildup in between the new and old roof layers, professional roofing services install a vented metal roof to help you stay away from any such issues.

They Perform Just like Asphalt Roofing

Metal roofs are installed over a solid substrate, which makes them just like traditional asphalt roofing. While there is a common fallacy that metal roofs would be much noisier when it rains or during snowfall, they perform just as fine as asphalt roofing does. In fact, the attic space in the home and the insulation would offer great noise reduction to the interiors. Moreover, with proper installation, metal roofs can last for a long time as well.

They Do Not Attract Lightning

This is another misconception about metal roofing. As per the reports of the Metal Construction Association, “Metal roofing does not in any way increase the risk of a lightning strike.” In fact, if metal roofs are struck by lightning, they would offer better protection to the home because metal roofs are less combustible when compared to other home roofing materials. The Metal Construction Association says that “Because metal roofing is both an electrical conductor and a noncombustible material, the risks associated with its use and behavior during a lightning event makes it the most desirable construction available.”

They are Cost-Effective

Metal roofing comes with a long-term warranty as well, which can be comparable to that offered for asphalt shingle roofing. Generally, metal roofs can last for around 50 years when installed by a professional roofing services provider. Yet studies say that metal roofs normally have a durability of 40 to 70 years. This eliminates the need for repeated reinstallation or roof repair service. Therefore, while the initial costs of installing metal roofing might be a bit more than asphalt roofing, it certainly is a cost-effective option for the long term considering its longevity.

They are Resistant to Fire and Insect Damage

Metal is resistant to all the usual risks of damages that are associated with other types of conventional roofing. They are almost fireproof and can survive fire accidents easily. Besides, they are also resistant to rotting and mildew growth, and termites cannot damage metal roofing either. All these attributes have made metal roofing a popular option in many parts of the country today. Note that there is no risk of snow buildup on metal roofing either, as they conduct heat very quickly.

They are Energy Efficient

Metal roofs can reflect radiant heat from the sun, which helps to reduce the cooling costs of your home by around 10% to 25%. In case you live in an area where your monthly cooling costs are higher than heating costs, you can coat the metal roofing installed in your home with a shiny or granular coating and maximize its reflective ability. This would help to reduce your monthly energy bills further.

They Can Be Installed on Low-Sloped Roofs

There is another mistaken belief that metal roofs can only be installed if there is a steep slope. However, on the contrary, standing-seam metal roofing would work fine on slightly pitched roofs as well. Professional roofing services install large metal sheets on such roofs, which have seams that are a bit raised and sealed together tightly to prevent water absorption and moisture buildup. However, metal roofs are usually not installed on homes that have a flat roof.

They Give a Unique Appeal

Metal roofs can look just like traditional slate or asphalt roofing, but the ridge vents on metal roofing are often more evident. Generally, a continuous ridge vent runs through to the roof’s peak to provide attic venting. This would be a strip of shingle-like material, which runs through the full length of the house to mask the outflow holes on the ridge. While it is usually flat and blends well with the roof, continuous ridge vents are more prominent in metal roofs, which give it an inherent and distinctive look.

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