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5 Eco-Friendly Countertop Materials for your Kitchen

5-eco-friendly-countertop-materials-for-your-kitchen Jan 26

5 Eco-Friendly Countertop Materials for your Kitchen

Planning a kitchen remodel can be very difficult, especially with the availability of numerous choices in every area. Be it the flooring, wall tiles, cabinets, or countertops, you have a lot of materials to choose from these days. Below are the top 5 eco-friendly kitchen countertop materials, which will lift your green living approach with some style.

Recycled Glass Slab

Recycled glass slab countertops can be the best alternatives to natural stone countertops. Even though marble and granite countertops give your kitchen an impressive look, they are sourced from the earth and use up natural resources. Engineered stone can be a good choice to avoid using earth’s resources, but their manufacturing process is not that eco-friendly. On the other hand, recycled glass slab countertops are made using environment-friendly techniques. They offer stunning looks to your kitchen space as well.

Paper Composite

Paper composite countertops can easily be a green alternative to laminate kitchen countertops. Laminate countertops are cheap, but the use of formaldehyde in its manufacturing process can take a toll on the air quality in your kitchen. ​​Paper composite kitchen countertops offer the same amount of durability but without using any harmful chemicals. Impregnating recycled paper with resin gives you a heat-resistant and waterproof kitchen countertop.

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood countertops or FSC-certified wood or bamboo kitchen countertops can be a great choice for eco-friendly homes. Natural hardwood countertops add a warm and inviting appeal to your kitchen. However, they are a natural resource, so you should make sure that your counters are FSC-certified. This ensures that the material was not sourced from clear-cutting that can harm the ecosystem. You can also choose reclaimed wood to avoid using the earth’s natural resources.

Recycled Glass Tile

Recycled glass tile countertops are affordable, durable, and attractive. This makes them the best bet for budget-conscious homeowners. They can be better than going for ceramic tile countertops too because it is much easier to recycle glass countertops than ceramic tiles. Moreover, glass tile countertops also come in many design and color options, so you can choose one to match the décor of your home easily.

Recycled Aluminum

Recycled aluminum is not that commonly used by kitchen remodeling services. However, it surely is an excellent option to give your kitchen a modern and elegant appeal. Recycled aluminum can be a good choice instead of going for stainless steel, not just because of the price difference but also because mining steel can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is recommended to choose countertops that have at least 50% – 60% recycled material.

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