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How to Choose the Best Siding Material

best-house-siding Sep 24

How to Choose the Best Siding Material

Choosing the best siding material for your home can be a bit difficult, as all of the major siding materials available out there have their own pros and cons. However, you can asses them based on their performance, costs, flexibility, and other such aspects to decide which one would be best for your home. Below are some facets that you should keep in mind while choosing a siding material for your home.


Stucco is the most popular choice for siding material these days, as it is a bit more efficient than the other popular options such as vinyl, metal, and wood. Stucco repair Los Angeles services say that the material can efficiently keep the air cool inside the home during hot summer days. What’s more, it can also help to maintain a warm temperature inside the home during the winter season. Metal and vinyl are not far behind in terms of efficiency either, as both the siding materials are excellent insulators.


Engineered wood and metal siding are very durable and can last for years. While wood might need steady treatment to ensure its longevity, metal can be given a coat of paint to get better protection from harsh weather. Vinyl and stucco siding can also last for long if they are not punished by severe weather changes often.


Vinyl and metal siding would not dent or scratch that easily and do not usually require repainting. Aluminum, especially, can be a great choice as a low-maintenance siding material, as it can resist the corrosiveness of the salty air in areas near to the ocean. Wood can also withstand rough conditions if it is treated regularly, which would help it to prevent water damage, dry rot, and mold growth. However, wood would dry over time, and start splitting and bowing, which can lead to some damages.

Cost of Material

Vinyl siding is available in a variety of styles and models, which makes it an economical option. However, engineered wood is also very much affordable when compared to metal and stucco siding. Generally, vinyl siding can cost around $4 per square feet, while wood (cedar) can cost around $8 per square feet. Yet note that the prices might vary depending upon the model and style, availability, and market.

Installation Costs

It is seen that metal siding is the most affordable to install, especially when it is only required to apply the metal siding right over the existing one. Vinyl comes next in terms of installation costs, as more tools are required to hang and seam the siding. Wood siding installation, on the other hand, requires the contractors to align the grain properly, and that can make the total cost go a bit higher. Stucco installation is the most expensive though, because it requires nailing the small slats to the house and then securing them with a wire mesh and concrete mixture.

Long-Term Cost Savings

It is evident that the right siding material can help you to save a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bills. As that can help to recoup the initial installation expenses, stucco is considered the most practical choice in terms of long-term savings. That is because stucco offers the best insulation you can expect from a siding material. Metal can be a good option here too, especially in those areas that have a cold climate most time of the year. Vinyl and engineered wood are good options as well, but the superior energy-efficiency features of stucco make it the best alternative.

Siding Maintenance

Vinyl siding requires very less maintenance when compared to the other prominent siding materials. Metal is a great choice too with respect to low maintenance, but it can be dented easily in case there is heavy traffic or hail in your area. On the other hand, stucco siding is brittle, and it can get damaged due to harsh weather or high traffic from children or pets. Still, you can get in touch with a stucco repair Los Angeles service provider to deal with the damages before it affects the walls of the home. Engineered wood can last longer with minimum maintenance, as it would not break or dent. However, it might require regular treatment, and that can be a bit expensive depending upon the size of your home and the process.


Vinyl and wood come in many different options with regards to size, color, and texture. Besides, wood can be painted or detailed in various styles as well, which adds to its versatility. Metal and stucco siding can be painted too to offer them a protective coating. Nonetheless, note that the performance of the siding should come first when choosing a material, and that would depend upon its insulation capabilities. If the insulation of the siding material is not good, then it can lead to many practical issues later as well.

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