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Choosing the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets Apr 13

Choosing the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets

Elegantly finished kitchen cabinets can boost the value of a home exponentially. It is no wonder that many people in the Los Angeles area want a kitchen makeover to be part of any home renovation and remodeling project they consider starting. However, choosing from the wide options in kitchen cabinetry can be a difficult choice at times, especially because of the different materials available these days to make custom kitchen cabinets.

Most builders and Los Angeles home remodeling experts would suggest hardwood in the past for its sheen and classy appeal, but the drawbacks of solid wood – like expansion and contraction with a change in weather, for instance – have now made it the least preferred choice not only for kitchen cabinetry but also for flooring and countertops. In fact, we have a lot of engineered wood products these days which are more reliable than hardwood, and yet much cheaper. Below is a quick discussion on the other types of kitchen cabinetry materials which can help you make an informed decision when buying.


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a widely used material for kitchen cabinets in the US nowadays. It is made from recycled wood fibers and resin and is milled under high pressure to get a dense and heavy composite material. Most people go in for MDF for its resistance to peeling and cracking, which makes it easier to paint the cabinetry in whatever chosen shade.


Plywood is a low-cost alternative to hardwood, yet having a higher resistance to moisture as well as better stability than MDF. Plywood cabinets are made with multiple layers of the material glued on in a stack for superior overall durability. Home remodeling experts also recommend a coating of plastic laminate or wood veneer on plywood for added protection.


This material is the least conventional option for kitchen cabinets. Here, wood chips are coalesced with a strong adhesive to produce stronger wood-like panels. However, the drawback here is that these are just shards of wood, created as a board with the help of glue.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gives a contemporary feel and looks to any kitchen space. It is ultra-modern and beats every other cabinetry material mentioned on this list with regards to durability. It is more traditionally used in professional kitchens, but we can see a lot of people opting for steel cabinets at homes these days as well. The main downside here is that stainless steel can get scratched or dented if not handled with care.

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