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5 Tips for the Best Bathroom Remodel

Two workers replacing bathroom floor. May 8

5 Tips for the Best Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners love to remodel their bathrooms more than any other area in the home. Bathrooms are smaller and make the remodeling task somewhat simpler. Besides, bathroom remodeling services offer affordable solutions to meet all kinds of remodeling needs of homeowners as well. Below are a few tips to make your bathroom remodeling project more effective.

Use the Space Wisely

Bathroom spaces are extremely tight, which is why installing recessed soap dishes and medicine cabinets at the corners is the best to make as much space in the bathroom available as possible. You can also go for a recessed light instead of traditional light fixtures to even out the ceiling in the bathroom.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Your bathroom should be properly ventilated to ensure good airflow in and out of the space. It can be either an adequately sized window or an exhaust fan. If you are going with the latter option, make sure to check the airflow measurements of the exhaust fan as well as its noise level.

Choose Appropriate Flooring

You can choose from a lot of flooring options to add great character to your bathroom. The most popular ones for that include ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl tiles flooring. No matter which one you prefer, make sure that the flooring is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic in the bathroom.

Pick the Right Colors

Go for a color palette for the bathroom walls and ceiling that is in the white or a light color spectrum. This will make the bathroom space appear bigger and not feel claustrophobic. You should also include a light-colored toilet, bathtub, and other fixtures in the bathroom to make it look more spacious.

Add Beadboard and Wall Paneling 

A beadboard can not just protect the lower section of your bathroom walls from water splashes and other damages, but it also works to give an antique look to the space. You should also give it a coat of oil-based paint to make the wall paneling more resistant to moisture. You can also try adding tile wainscot instead of beadboard.

Apart from following the above tips, you should also make certain that your bathroom has proper lighting. Likewise, adding more mirrors to the bathroom will lift up the décor and styling of the space. If you want to make it more cozy and elegant, add freestanding pieces depending on the available space in the bathroom. If possible, include some plants in the bathroom to add a lively touch to your newly remodeled bathroom.

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