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When is it Time to Clean your Air Ducts? Pt 1

air duct cleaning guide Jun 10

When is it Time to Clean your Air Ducts? Pt 1

These days, unfortunately, there are too few homeowners who are well versed in the potential benefits of home air duct cleaning. It goes without saying that conditions in most homes differ from another, making it close to impossible to generalize and actually state when it is time to clean air ducts of any given one. It may be that you do not need it in your own home, especially if no one under the roof has allergies or associated illnesses, and a vital inspection of the ducts by one of the HVAC Services in Beverly Hills reveals nothing amiss (no dust, mold, growths, etc).

Do the Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

You may see some dust on the return registers because they were pulled through the grate, but that does not necessarily mean the ducts are contaminated. All you need to fix that is vacuuming the registers, or taking them out and cleaning them. However, if you do see family members coming down with unexplained or unusual symptoms which point to something wrong with the home environment and air quality, then the situation probably needs discussing with a doctor. The US Environmental Protection Agency has even published a couple of primers to help with identifying possible problems with indoor air quality, and with resolving them.

Sometimes all it takes to get you to decide in favor of cleaning the air ducts is pure logic, which should tell you that sooner or later they will get dirty and need actual cleaning. The jury is still out on the need for periodic cleaning, but no one has said anything about there being possible harm from it, as long as it gets done properly.

Inadequate or Wrong Cleaning

You could be looking at some serious problems with the indoor air supply if a cleaning service provider neglects to make sure of the right duct cleaning procedures. One example is when they fail to prevent inadequate vacuum collection, which could aggravate the problem of dirt, dust, and contaminants. A careless cleaner can also cause damage to the cooling and heating systems, and drive up your energy bills as a result. The same could also cause you to incur heavy repair costs if the system sustains major damage.

When to Clean

As you can find out from just about any provider of HVAC services in Beverly Hills, the air ducts in your home need cleaning if one or more of the following things are true. We’ll cover these events in the next article.

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